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If your drive is making strange noises then don’t try anything by yourself. Come to us. We are the experts in hard drive repairs. With more than 15 years of experience in this business, we are able to identify any problem related to your hard drive and repair it for you.

We provide a wide range of services to our clients including hard drive repair, data recovery, server recovery, data recovery software, etc. We also provide remote recovery service. Whether the system is small or large, it doesn’t have to leave the facility or home. We can take care of it through secure internet connections. Our trained technicians will look at the specific recovery situation, do analysis of the situation and offer you a solution for your data recovery. You don’t need to send your drive to our facility. This saves your time and you can focus on more important business matters.

We have an ISP 5 Class 100 Certified Clean Room. We can handle data recovery situation of any size including RAID 0 to 10, NAS, SAN, etc. We have the experience and expertise to correctly diagnose your data recovery situation and provide you the best possible solutions. By recovering data quickly, we relieve our clients from all those stress and panic associated with data loss. With us, you will get the best possible pricing for your solutions. After evaluating your situations, we will let you know about the options available to you and their associated pricing. We can recover data from any situation like file corruption, file deletion, viral damage, user error, mechanical failure, and many more. Contact us to for any kinds of computer and hardware related problems. We promise that you will get the best quality service with us.

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Before password protecting any document, you may want to create a backup of the non-password protected files and folder in case you forget the password in the future.