We all store important files in our hard drives. We often forget that electronic storage devices, like hard ware, have a limited lifetime. The average lifetime of a hard drive is 5 to 10 years. There are some signs that tell you that it’s time to replace your hard drive.

1. Speed of computer going down with frequent freezes


When you notice that your computer is working slowly and it freezes often, you know it’s time to take backups. If the problems occur even in Windows Safe Mode or after fresh installations, then you know that this is happening due to bad hard drive.

2. Corrupted Data


If you cannot open certain file and find them corrupted even though you had saved them, it’s a sign that your hard drive is gradually failing. So, you need to replace your hard drive.

3. Accumulation of bad sectors


When there is bad sector in your hard drive, there’s no data integrity. They are hard to identify as they are masked by the operating system. You can run a manual disk check and identify errors. If you perform full format on Windows then also you will find bad sectors. If you find bad sectors then it’s a sign that you should replace your hard drive.

4. Noises


If you hear any strange sound coming from your hard drive then there is high chance that your hard drive may crash any minute. Screeching or grinding noises indicate that parts of the hardware are failing.

Whenver you find one of these signs in your hard drive you should immediately take backups of all your data, if you haven’t done so. Also, it’s a good idea to replace it.